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1992-93 Gallery

I had my telescope for about a year when my sister brought a Canon EOS from the US (summer '92). I tried it with my telescope and you can see some of the results (late '92, '93) in this page. My method of "eyepiece projection" is a little different than the usual, since I did not have the proper adapter. View Info for details on the various astrophotography methods.

Download EZ Cosmos 3
This is actually one of the first pics I took with my new (at the time) telescope, back in '92. I used a fast film (Kodak Ektar 1000) that should be avoided for lunar photography, as it is too grainy.
Download EZ Cosmos 3
Again, one of my first lunar photos ('93 this time), using eyepiece projection at 54x. Once more on Kodak Ektar 1000.
Download EZ Cosmos 3
The earth reflects some of the light that comes from the sun, and sometimes the, otherwise dark, part of the moon is slightly lit up. Eyepiece projection, 32x
Download EZ Cosmos 3
The sun is setting behind the mountains, using EP at 32x.
Download EZ Cosmos 3
The first photo of Venus I attempted. This 2 second exposure is quite blurry at 162x, since I don't have a motorized mount.